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Valuable Resources & Recommendations

Welcome to Chris Bird’s resource page. Be sure to check back often to take advantage of this valuable information and get regular updates!

Helpful web sites: - for information about IRS forms, instructions, and latest news, including IR 2002-142, the latest information on the new Sale of Residence Regulations. Also includes IRS Publications 521,523, and 530, all three dealing with tax information for homeowners. - for information about personal Social Security records - for information about real estate retirement plans - for information about real estate retirement plans - for latest information on financial news and financial planning - for excellent information regarding understanding stocks and mutual funds. Go to "Fools School". - for credit information - for personal finacne information

Suggested readings:

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller

Women and Money by Suzie Orman

Rich Women by Robert Kiyosaki

How to Invest in Real Estate and Pay Little or No Taxes  by Hugh Bromma)

The Millionaire Next Door by Stanley and Danko

Rich Dad, Poor Dad  by Kiyosaki

Courage to be Rich by Orman

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine

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