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Speaking Topics

Christopher Bird - CFP

Attention CRS Chapters::  Course sponsors are required to contact the Instructors directly and negotiate dates and fees.  We are now accepting requests for 2014 teaching assignments for the CRS 204 course. Click on “Book Chris” or call (562) 944-0083

Wealth Building Course (CRS 204) 2 Day Course

Description: More people have become wealthy investing in real estate than many other investments. Agents who want to learn the specific secrets to smart real estate investments can discover them in this course. Students will learn how to identify the right opportunities in a down market or an up market, compare real estate with other investments and create additional wealth – for themselves and their clients. This high-energy course explores another way to generate sales that has been overlooked. And the results can be life changing! This class is a must for any real estate professional looking to create wealth through residential real estate investment

Course Content:

  • Identifying money-making opportunities
  • Comparing potential investment opportunities
  • Retirement planning and investing
  • Calculating initial investment to rate of return

Also elective course requirement for the ABR Designation.

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What's Congress Up To? How Changing Federal Tax Laws Impact Your Clients and the Real Estate Professional
The American Taxpayer Relief Act enacted in early 2013 resulted in higher income taxpayers facing significantly higher taxes starting in 2013. In addition, Congress is eyeing some of our favorite deductions for either removal or modification.In this seminar, learn:

  • How higher tax rates could change the spending behavior of your upper income clients.
  • The potential impact on the housing markets as a result of the potential reduction or elimination of the home mortgage interest deduction

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Solid Investment and Retirement Strategies for Realtors® in 2014
Hold on to your seats as Chris shares with you his insights as an ex-IRS agent and a Certified Financial Planner.  Learn the secrets to maximizing pre-tax investments, strategic tax planning, recent tax law updates and how they affect you and much, much more! 
This session is designed to help you learn:

  • Why IRA’s can work for you – You NEED to know this!
  • How you can harness the powerful financial benefits of the ROTH IRA  and the ROTH 401(k)
  • How you can use the Coverdell Educational Savings account to pay for kindergarten through 12th grade
  • How to understand College 529 Plans- and what you can do for your children or grandchildren
  • Smart Investment and Retirement strategies everyone should know
  • How to maximize self employed retirement plans- and discover a tax savings bonanza!
  • How to understand and use wills and trusts and what they mean to your precious heirs
  • How to understand the most recent Estate and Gift tax issues

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Advanced Asset Protection and Wealth Strategies for 2014 and Beyond
Take your goals to the next level while protecting your hard earned assets.  Attend this session and learn how to better maximize your retirement plans, review your entity choices for the best tax advantages, and how to leverage your pre-tax dollars for maximum return.  Just some of the issues covered in this seminar are:

  • Find out who are current IRS targets - Are Realtors® targeted in 2014?
  • Discover the latest tax law changes impacting:
          1. Coverdell ESA's (formerly education IRA's) Are they still right for you?
          2. IRC 529 plans - don't miss this valuable insight!
          3. Increase in Retirement Plan Contributions - Are you contributing enough?
          4. Retirement Plan Loans - Uncover your new options!
          5. Estate and Gift Tax Changes - Three changes you must know!
  • Tax Deferred IRC 1031 Exchanges - Three things everyone should know about them
  • Entity Choice issues
          1. Sole Proprietor
          2. C Corporation
          3. S Corporation
          4. LLC (Limited Liability Companies)
  • Uncover the powerful differences that make a tremendous difference in your wealth, liability and tax strategies!
  • Purchasing real estate properties (or interests) with tax deferred retirement plans - Four little known secrets that may cost you money!

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New!!   2014 Tax Write-off’s for the Self Employed

The tax write off’s that Realtors® are allowed to deduct can result in significant reduction in federal state and social security tax liabilities.  As an IRS agent for 16 years, Chris learned the ins and outs of the IRS system and brings you powerful information to save you money. Attend this updated, power packed session and learn specific, legitimate tax deductions you can use as a self-employed individual to lower your state, federal and social security taxes. 

Just some of the important topics covered in this program are:

  • Learn about the IRC 105 Medical Reimbursement Plan for the Self-Employed
  • The theory of “Before Tax” and “After Tax” – what they really mean
  • Recordkeeping Requirements, including the length of time records should be retained
  • In depth coverage of legitimate business expenses, including advertising, depreciation, automobile issues, hiring family members, retirement plan contributions, Insurances, estimated tax requirements, home office expenses, travel and entertainment and much more!
  • The use of Entities in Business and how they differ, including Sole Proprietor, S Corporation, and Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Current IRS Priorities to eliminate the TAX GAP

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